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Prime Bed™️ Warm Sleeping Bag bed

Does your pup stay hiding in the sheets? Well, it is not only your dog; most dogs exhibit similar behavior out of their natural instincts. Smaller breeds have heritage of burrowing tunnels, and digging into the earth to hide their bones and other things.

Dogs display similar burrowing behavior at our homes too. They bury themselves under the sheets or blankets. The reason for that is dogs wanting to feel safe and secure instinctually by hiding under something.

The Prime Bed™️ provides your little friend the comfort and warm in the cold Winter. With its innovative design, the bed is a unique that your fury friend will fall in love with.
It is made of plush short floss fabric, filled with PP cotton, resembling the fur of your pet that will keep your pet warm and cozy.

Soft microfiber feels great and comfortable on pet's paws
Durable construction ensures dog-years of use
Filled with the perfect amount and density of high-loft fill.


Small: 11" X 15" or 10 Pounds & under

Medium: 15" X 19" or 11-20 Pounds

Large: 19" X 23" or 21-25 Pounds

X-Large: 23" X 27" or 26 - 40 Pounds 

★Warm Tips★
If you feel your pet bed has not risen to the right size, wash the entire bed in the washing machine and then dry. After the wash, the stuffing will rise up and the bed will be more fluffier and the the opening will be more open as well..  🎁🎄🐶

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