Winter Sweaters! - PawPrime

Winter Sweaters!

A New Edition To Our Snow Collection "Winter Rain Deer Sweaters" Comes In Black And Red. 

Please see weight and dimension chart to choose the right size for your pup

Size:        Back Length                        Chest                          Neck
XS         17-18cm/7"-7.1"         28-30cm/11"-11.8"         18-20cm/7.1"-7.9"     5LBS
S            19-21cm/7.5"-8.3"      30-32cm/11.8"-12.6"      20-22cm/7.9"-8.7"    10LBS
M            23-25cm/9"-9.8"         32-34cm/12.6"-13.4"     22-24cm/7.9"-9.5"     15LBS
L             28-30cm/11"-11.8"     34-36cm/13.4"-14"        24-26cm/9.5"-10"      20LBS
XL          33-34cm/13"-13.4"     40-42cm/15.8"-16.6"     26-28cm/10"-11"       25LBS
XXL       36-37cm/14"-14.6"      42-44cm/16.6-17.3"      28-30cm/11"-11.8"    30LBS below