Cow Costume - Paw Prime

Cow Costume



Let your dog participate in the Halloween fun with this Thrills of our Cow Costume. This adorable costume slips on and off easily and offer a comfortable fit, and will make your pup the most fashionable Pup on the block this Halloween. 

  • Perfect for Weekend Parties, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Parades, Photo Shoot or Play date.

10 pounds or less


Back Length: 19cm/ 7.48'' Chest Girth: 30cm/ 11.81" Neck Girth: 19cm/7.48''

15 pounds or less


Back Length: 24cm/ 9.44'' Chest Girth: 38cm/ 14.96'' Neck Girth: 23cm/ 9.05''

20 pounds or less


Back Length: 28cm/ 11.02'' Chest Girth: 45cm/17.71'' Neck Girth: 28cm / 11.02''

30 pounds or less


Back Length: 34cm/13.38'' Chest Girth: 52cm/ 20.47'' Neck Girth: 33cm/ 12.99''

40 pounds or less


Back Length: 40cm/15.74'' Chest Girth: 58cm/ 22.83'' Neck Girth: 38cm/ 14.96''