Waist Pack With Reflective Strip & Elastic Leash


An intentional lightweight design with an easy adjusting connector to fit waists from 78 cm to 100cm.
The belt also has a D ring that rotates around the belt to keep the dog right where you want them.
The clamps and connectors are durable and lightweight for maximum comfort that won't slow you down.


A specifically chosen design with a unique blend of strength and flexibility.
The leash provides enough "give" to comfortably absorb the force of an excited playful dog all while maintaining enough tensile strength to keep the dog right by your side.
The bungee has 56 inches extending to 75 inches (from 1.44 to 1.92m). Works best for dogs UNDER 25Ibs


3 Waist Pack Bags could be used to put your personal items including the phone, keys, coins and so on.
Hands-free system allows the dog owner to practice sports like jogging, walking
Fluorescent green Reflective stripes

Package Contents:

1x Reflective Waist Belt
1x Dog Elastic Leash
1x Bottle Holder Bag
1x Dog Treats Bag
1x Phone Bag